PRESS RELEASE – UK: Authorities urged to take action against Al-Quds Day protest threat

Nazim Ali and Rabbi Beck at Al-Quds Day 2017

IHRC has written to the Home Secretary urging him to take action against a known Zionist extremist who has threatened to shoot protestors attending the Al-Quds Day demonstration in London this weekend.

Laurent Kachauda made the threats last year on Facebook saying he would bring a semi-automatic gun to the a counter protest held by the Zionist Federation. He has used social media again to announce that he will also be present this year and have a gun in his possession.

Kachuda has a history of violence against pro-Palestine activists and openly supports and claims membership of the violent Jewish Defence League which is proscribed as a terrorist organisation in the US.

IHRC had written to the Home Secretary in September 2018 in respect of the threat made by Kachauda but failed to receive a reply.

Given the massacre of over 50 Muslims in New Zealand and the attack and murder at Finsbury Park Mosque by Darren Osborne – who originally intended to attack attendees at the Al Quds Day event in 2017 – IHRC is seeking an urgent response on what action will be taken by the Home Office and police to counter these threats of extreme violence, and/or possibly murder, of the attendees of the Al-Quds Day protest by Laurent Kachauda.

Al-Quds Day is a family event that attracts people from all ethnicities and faiths and is popular with many women and children. As one of the organisers we are proud to say that since its inception not a single protestor has ever been arrested. In fact, the police have praised the peaceful nature of the annual event.

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