India / Nigeria: Indian government restraining Sheikh El-Zakazky, denying medical treatment; threatening return to Nigeria

India government becomes enforcer for Buhari regime

For immediate release

14 August 2019 [11.10 (UK time)]

IHRC is deeply concerned that the Indian government appears to acting as a policeman in the Kaduna district of Nigeria.  They appear to have collaborated with Nigerian security services.

IHRC is calling on the international community and global civil society to demand the Indian government immediately remove its security personnel from the hospital, remove all restrictions on the Sheikh and Mallimah Zeenah, and place restrictions on what appears to be the unfettered operation of Nigerian security services in India.

Chair of IHRC, Massoud Shadjareh said:

“The Sheikh and his wife are in catastrophic health crises.  It seems astounding that the Indian government has become involved in this matter in such a devastating way, and that the so-called ‘strong man’ of India wishes to act like the poodle of the ailing Buhari.”

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