Report: UK failing in human rights obligations

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16 January 2020

The marked deterioration in racial/religious equality in Britain for Muslims over the last four years is the subject of a IHRC report submitted to a United Nations committee looking at how far the nation is meeting its human rights obligations.

The report is IHRC’s contribution to the Human Rights Committee’s periodical review of the UK’s compliance with the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights.

It highlights the lurch to the right that has been accompanied by the mainstreaming of discriminatory policy and racist discourse, particularly against Muslims. This has created an environment of hate in which prejudice and discrimination not only thrive but have become institutionalised and normalised.

IHRC’s report into two parts with the first charting the extent of discrimination, explaining it as the product of a social and political environment created by actors. The second looks at the increase in denial of public space to Muslim civil society organisations as a manifestation and a cause of discrimination against the community.

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