FORWARDED PRESS RELEASE: UK – Anti-terror police in court over abuse of British terror suspect


Islamic Human Rights Commission

12 March 2009

FORWARDED PRESS RELEASE: UK – Anti-terror police in court over abuse of British terror suspect

Babar Ahmad, the prisoner at the centre of the Labour MP bugging scandal, is to appear at the High Court in London on Monday 16 March 2009, in proceedings he is bringing against the Metropolitan Police.

Mr Ahmad, a 34 year old British Citizen, was arrested at his home in Tooting, South London by anti-terrorism police officers early on 2 December 2003. He seeks to prove that he was the victim of a sustained and brutal assault by those officers who intended to humiliate and debase him and make him fear for his life.

It is alleged that officers punched, kicked and choked Mr Ahmad during the course of the assault, bringing him to the point of unconsciousness. It is agreed evidence that in the course of his arrest, Mr Ahmad sustained multiple bruises and grazes, blood in his urine, and haemorrhaging of his ear drums.

It is further alleged that officers mocked Mr Ahmad\’s religion by forcing him into the position Muslims take up to pray and asking him, \’Where is your God now?\’ and instructed him to \’Pray to Him\’.

The civil trial is the culmination of a complaints and litigation process that has lasted nearly 6 years. An earlier investigation supervised by the IPCC (Independent Police Complaints Commission) cleared the police of any wrongdoing and even \’commended\’ one of the officers for his \’courage\’ and \’bravery\’ in arresting Babar Ahmad.

The family of Babar Ahmad have released a statement saying, \’We hope that after almost 6 years of campaigning, complaints and litigation, the truth will finally emerge in this trial of what happened to Babar on the 2nd December 2003.\’


Notes to Editors:

The trial will commence on Monday 16th March 2009, Royal Courts of Justice, Strand, London . Court number will appear on the Courts\’ website (http://www.hmcourts -service. courthearings. htm) a few days before the hearing.

The civil claim is expected to last 7 court days. The proceedings will begin with an \’opening speech\’ on Mr Ahmad\’s behalf which will summarise the case and explain how Mr Ahmad intends to prove his allegations.

Babar Ahmad is represented by Fiona Murphy of Bhatt Murphy Solicitors, London . Tel: 0207 729 1115. Web: www.bhattmurphy. . His barrister in court will be Miss Phillippa Kaufmann.

Babar Ahmad has been in prison in the UK without charge since 2004, fighting extradition to the US on allegations of supporting websites for Chechen rebels. (*)

Further information about the case can be found at or by emailing info@freebabarahmad .com or telephoning 07963 537 779.


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