PRESS RELEASE: Bahrain – Haq Movement representative Dr Abdul Jalil Al-Singace arrested


Islamic Human Rights Commission

27 January 2009

PRESS RELEASE: Bahrain – Haq Movement representative Dr Abdul Jalil Al-Singace arrested

IHRC is outraged at the arrest of three prominent human rights activists from the Bahraini opposition, namely, Mr Hassna Mushaime\’, the Secretary General of Haq Movement, Sheikh Mohammad Habib Al-Miqdad, a prominent religious figure and public orator and Dr Abdul Jalil Al-Singace, a university lecturer. Their houses were raided in the early hours of the morning of 26 January 2009, around 3:00 am (local time) by police forces. The main doors were smashed open and women were reportedly attacked and children were terrorized.

Early today, 27 January 2009, Bahraini authorities charged these political activists with conspiring to overthrow the regime, linking them to an alleged terror plot.

In view of the ever-increasing reports about Bahraini authorities torturing political detainees, IHRC fears that Al-Singace and others will face physical abuse at the hands of the police as well.

These serious developments in Bahrain have plunged the country further in political turmoil, as widespread clashes are reported between supporters and police forces following the arrests. Over the past few years as Shaikh Hamad bin Isa Al-Khalifa, ruler of Bahrain since 1971, insists on his autocratic policies in the country, public discontentment with the regime has rapidly increased.

IHRC has close links with Dr Al-Singace and Haq Movement and is actively working with them to eradicate human rights violations in Bahrain.

With regards to Dr Al-Singace’s arrest and these recent developments, IHRC Chair Massoud Shadjareh stated, “It is extremely worrying to see a prominent human rights activist and outstanding law-abiding citizen getting targeted for nothing more than standing for justice for all. This is indeed a very dark day for the history of Bahrain.”

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