PRESS RELEASE: UK – IHRC report ‘Muslim profiling’


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27 January 2009

PRESS RELEASE: UK – IHRC report ‘Muslim profiling’

Muslim Profiling Questions Regarding Police Strategy and Policy With Regard to the Pro-Israel Rally and Counter-demonstration on 6th May 2002.

Publication date 27 January 2009
Islamic Human Rights Commission, 29 pages, ISBN 978-1-903718-32-2, loose papers

The role of partisan community organisations in working with police affecting policy and operations in a negative way is just one of the issues raised in this report and is one of many that remain relevant today, leading to the republishing of this work with a new foreword. Not only was the counter-rally a multi-faith, peaceful event, it was categorised as ‘Muslim’ and this itself was then deemed to be a reason to perceive ‘threat’ within it.

IHRC hopes that the outstanding issues of this report, that have much wider significance to the events of the day, will be raised again and progress towards eradicating the misperceptions that lead to any form of racial or religious profiling is more forthcoming.

Head of research Arzu Merali said:

“In light of the many different reports of police brutality and partisan policing from recent demonstrations against the atrocities in Gaza in the UK, the republication on this report is both timely and relevant.”

IHRC is producing a report on policing during the recent demonstrations in London.

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This report will be available for download from this page on 22nd January 2009 or to order a hardcopy (spiral bound)go to, price UK£4 (payments can be accepted in Euros and US Dollars also).

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Publication date: 18th May 2006, ISBN 1-903718-32-5, £8 pp 101

“As a member of the Home Office Trust and Confidence Group and, in my capacity as Chair of the Home Office Racist Incident Group, we have been working to ensure that all our citizens have trust and confidence in our policing and criminal justice service, evidence, or, perception that these services are not providing equitable service and thus not treating people equally, can lead to long term damaging impact on communities and, undermines confidence.

”The inappropriate use of profiling (race or religious) is of concern to all who are working to create and promote good citizenship, thus we have made it clear that we do not support indiscriminate use of such methods.

“The report needs to be taken seriously and the recommendations need to be considered carefully so that future policy can be better informed.”

IQBAL BHANA, Home Office Race Incidents Team

‘The IHRC ‘Muslim Profiling’ report raises important issues that were the subject of in-depth discussions between MPS and IHRC representatives in the immediate aftermath of the report’s publication in 2002. Given the importance that attaches to positive, pro-active partnerships between police and Muslim communities to help combat all forms of violent extremism in the capital. it is timely to reflect again on the report’s findings to ensure MPS practice is alive to well documented community concerns.”

ROBERT LAMBERT, co-founder and former Head of the Muslim Contact Unit, Metropolitan Police Service; lecturer at St. Andrews University, and research fellow at the Department of Politics, University of Exeter.


The report contains recommendations relating to:

Positioning of counter-demonstrations

Corralling of demonstrators

Lack of police follow-up to complaints of harassment or reporting of criminal acts

Police filming and photographing of Muslims

Role of and relationship of the Metropolitan Police Service with the
Community Security Trust

Press Briefings, resultant demonisation of the Muslim community and misinformation given to wider society

Ancillary matters

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