PRESS RELEASE: Gaza / UK – IHRC Statement on bombing of Gaza


Islamic Human Rights Commission

27 December 2008

PRESS RELEASE: Gaza / UK – IHRC Statement on bombing of Gaza

On the bombing of Gaza by Israeli forces, Chair of the Islamic Human Rights Commission (IHRC), Massoud Shadjareh, said:

“As people of the world watch this latest heinous act, we await swift and outright condemnation of these crimes and action from governments world-wide.

“It is of great concern that, for example, the British Foreign Office can respond within minutes to a Channel 4 broadcast on Christmas Day when it is made by an out of favour world leader[1], but remains resolutely silent on so many of the ongoing atrocities committed against Palestinians by the Israeli government.

“The attack on Gaza was set to time with children leaving school, the British and so many other governments are silent.”

IHRC is also calling on campaigners to continue and promote the boycott of goods and companies that invest in or support Israel.

For further comment please call (+44) 7958 522 196, or (+44) 7958 607475.

Notes to editor:

1. The FCO issued a protest after the screening of a Christmas message from Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmedinejad on 25 December 2008 on UK TV Channel 4

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