PRESS RELEASE: Trinidad & Tobago – US to expedite extradition of ‘terror’ suspects

Islamic Human Rights Commission

20 June 2008

PRESS RELEASE: Trinidad & Tobago – US to expedite extradition of ‘terror’ suspects

IHRC expresses concern over the upcoming attempt to expedite the extradition of 3 JFK terror plot suspects to the US.

IHRC is deeply worried over the trial scheduled for 23 June 2008 to expedite the extradition of JFK terror plot suspects Kareem Ibrahim, Abdul Kadir and Abdel Nur, in the midst of their second appeal. On18 February 2008, the Trinidadian and two Guyanese nationals lost their first appeal against the August 2007 verdict for their extradition to the US.

Chair Massoud Shadjareh commented:

“In light of all the evidence in this case, and moreover the evidence of systematic torture being used by the American authorities to those perceived to be involved in acts of terrorism, it is unacceptable to extradite anyone to the US on terror charges. Just yesterday human rights reports revealed the findings of independent doctors who, after examining detainees who were eventually released without charge, testified that they were indeed exposed to some of the worst kinds of torture at the hand of US authorities.”

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