PRESS RELEASE: China – Transfer of Uyghur Women – Briefing On-Line Now

Islamic Human Rights Commission

06 March 2008

PRESS RELEASE: China – Transfer of Uyghur Women – Briefing On-Line Now

IHRC’s latest briefing looks at the government programme in China set-out to transfer young women from rural regions of western China to urban areas in the east.

The briefing observes how local authorities lure young women into participating by advertising this programme as an attractive training/job-opportunity; however, they also resort to pressurising them and their families by threatening with penalties or using force. Upon arrival, the women do not receive any of the wages they were promised, and instead are made to live in abhorrent quarters, forced to work inhumane hours and are often pressured into marriage with local Chinese men.

The briefing provides a general overview of:

• Uyghur ethnic minority in China
• Scale of transfer programme
• Methods used by local authorities to lure women
• Conditions facing women upon arrival

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