PRESS RELEASE: Libya – Human Rights Abuse

Islamic Human Rights Commission
30 July 2007

PRESS RELEASE: Libya – Human Rights Abuse

IHRC welcomes the fact that the medical workers, accused of infecting 400 children with HIV/Aids in Libya, were released and returned to Bulgaria. However, IHRC is still concerned about the underlying current of human rights violations and abuse in Libya.

IHRC Chairman, Massoud Shadjareh stated:
“Many have welcomed Libya’s signing of the letter of Memorandum of Understanding in the belief that it has improved its human rights records. However, in practice, evidence indicates otherwise as demonstrated by the ongoing case of the ill-treatment of Eritrean refugees detained in Misratah. They are held in deplorable conditions and face imminent deportation to their homeland where it is likely that they will be arrested and tortured upon arrival.”

For a detailed account about the conditions of the Eritrean refugees detained in Libya, please read the briefing at

The latest briefing looks at:
The Background of this case
About the Detainees
Prison Conditions
Health Conditions
Right to Visit
Abuse of Refugee Rights in Libya

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