Press Release: Egypt – IHRC Condemns Military Trial of Muslim

Islamic Human Rights Commission

27 April 2007

Press Release: Egypt – IHRC Condemns Military Trial of Muslim
Brotherhood Members

The Islamic Human Rights Commission is deeply concerned by the Egyptian
government\’s sudden decision to order the military trial of the
detained Muslim Brotherhood leaders.

This decision comes after the civil criminal court acquitted all the 33
detained members for a second time of charges of money laundering and
threatening the country\’s security. The latest trial is being held in
absolute secrecy. Defence lawyers have boycotted the trial to protest
not being informed of the date and time of the trial.

Chair of IHRC, Massoud Shadjareh stated:

\”These trials show that the authorities have already decided that the
Muslim Brotherhood detainees will be found guilty one way or the other.
It is a mockery of due process and highlights the fact that politics in
Middle East is moving backwards rather than forwards.\”

IHRC calls upon the Egyptian government to respect the judgment of the
civil criminal court and release the detainees immediately.

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