Press Release: New Terror Statistics a Cause of Great Concern

Islamic Human Rights Commission

05 March 2007

Press Release: New Terror Statistics a Cause of Great Concern

The Islamic Human Rights Commission is very concerned by the latest terror statistics published by the Home Office according to which, of 1126 arrests made under the Terrorism Act 2000, only 211 have been charged with terrorism offences with only 40 of those convicted.

IHRC notes that the anti-terror laws are so broad that what would normally be considered as relatively minor offences have been included in the 40 successful terror convictions. For example, the statistics include convictions of individuals for wearing badges bearing the logo of proscribed organisations related to the conflict in Northern Ireland, such as the UVF.

IHRC is further concerned at the heavy-handed tactics of the police in making such arrests which have already resulted in numerous allegations of police brutality. Homes and families have been destroyed, children have been traumatised and innocent people have been criminalised.

Chairman of the IHRC, Massoud Shadjareh, stated:

“It does not inspire confidence in those entrusted with our safety that less than 3.5% of those arrested under anti-terror laws are convicted in what are supposedly ‘intelligence-lead’ operations.”

“We need to recognise that these are not just empty statistics but innocent human beings whose lives have been shattered by such heavy-handed and discriminatory policies.”

IHRC calls for an immediate review of the anti-terror legislation, its implementation and its effects on safety, security and inter-community relations.

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