Press Release: Islamophobia Rampant in Ramadan in UK


Islamic Human Rights Commission


05 October 2006

Press Release: Islamophobia Rampant in Ramadan

The Islamic Human Rights Commission (IHRC) is very alarmed at the recent upsurge in anti-Muslim attacks and Islamophobia that have coincided with the month of Ramadan.

Recent attacks have included the following:

– a Muslim-owned dairy in Windsor was firebombed following three days of intimidation by a gang of 50 youths, during which time staff faced verbal abuse, had their cars vandalised and in which stone, bricks and bottles were thrown at the building

– a Muslim shopkeeper’s car in Croydon was firebombed; the attack took place in front of a police officer who was taking a witness statement following earlier death-threats made to the shopkeeper’s family

– a pig’s head was thrown into a mosque during night prayers in Newport

– bricks and concrete blocks were thrown at cars parked in a mosque in Preston; a Muslim teenager was subsequently stabbed by the attackers

– a Muslim family received a package by Royal Mail containing unpackaged pork sausages mixed with carefully cut clippings from the Qur’an and a note saying, “F***ing Pakis Go Home”

– a Muslim schoolboy in Yorkshire was brutally attacked in school; prior to the attack, the boy’s attackers made repeated comments mocking his name, ‘Muhammad.’

– a prison guard in HMP Parkhurst desecrated a Qur’an belonging to a Muslim inmate

IHRC is deeply concerned at the premeditated nature of the above attacks and the failure of the law enforcement authorities to take adequate steps to protect the Muslim community.

While police are rightly stepping up security for the Jewish community in the run-up to and during the High Holy Days, unfortunately the same level of protection has not been afforded to the Muslim community during the holy month of Ramadan.

IHRC Chair Massoud Shadjareh stated:

“These attacks have been legitimized by a combination of inferior police protection and ever-increasing Islamophobic statements by leading politicians and the media.”

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