Press Release: Calls for Prosecution of Protestors Reflect Double-Standards of the West


Islamic Human Rights Commission


6 February 2006

Press Release: Calls for Prosecution of Protestors Reflect Double-Standards of the West

The Islamic Human Rights Commission is deeply concerned at the rising number of calls for protestors demonstrating outside the Danish Embassy on Friday to be prosecuted.

While IHRC does not condone the type of banners on display or some of the chants being used by the demonstrators, it is bemused as to why similar calls are not made to prosecute other irrational hotheads, the British National Party.

IHRC notes that while the protestors consist primarily of about 50 young people with no support whatsoever among the Muslim community, the BNP is tolerated as an official political party.

IHRC strongly believes that there must be restrictions on freedom of speech but that these must not be selectively applied. Mockery of Jews, black and ethnic minority communities and women is condemned as anti-Semitism, racism and sexism respectively yet mockery of Muslims is lauded as freedom of expression.

IHRC notes with concern another telling example of this hypocrisy in France where the Satellite channel, al-Manar has been shut down by the French government after allegations of anti-Semitism. Yet the same government claims it is unable to prevent the French press publishing Islamophobic caricatures due to freedom of expression.

IHRC Chair Massoud Shadjareh stated:

“One of the reasons why Muslims are so angry is that those who refuse to tolerate the presence of Muslims in Europe have the audacity to label Muslims themselves as intolerant.”

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