Press Release: UK – Clarke’s New Definitions Still Unworkable

Islamic Human Rights Commission

7th October 2005

Press Release: UK – Clarke’s New Definitions Still Unworkable


Home Secretary Charles Clarke’s attempts to redefine clauses in the proposed anti-Terrorism bill relating to the glorification of terrorism are still deeply problematic.

IHRC Chair Massoud Shadjareh said:

“In the Islamophobic climate that surrounds the war on terror the understanding of what ‘intent’ may be is affected. It would mean that statements by the Prime Minister’s wife or academics would be seen to be meant differently than if made by an Imam or a Muslim. This is still deeply dangerous.

“It will remain a cause of alienation amongst Muslims in this country. No such methods were used against the Catholic Church and its clergy, and no senior Catholic figures were asked to take responsibility for the violence committed by their co-religionists. To treat Muslims and Islam differently is a clear signal of Muslim inequality in the eyes of government itself.*

“This is just further denial by the government as regards the causes of the terrorism we have experienced. This denial simply takes further into, not away from, insecurity.”

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* In our nationwide survey of Muslims conducted in the summer of 2004, only 10% of Muslims felt that the government respects Muslims.

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