Press Release: Tribunal Commends Police Brutality Against Muslims

Islamic Human Rights Commission

13th April 2005

Press Release: IHRC appalled by latest injustice against Babar Ahmad

IHRC is disgusted at the decision of the Police Misconduct Tribunal to acquit the only officer charged with using excessive force during the arrest of Babar Ahmad in December 2003.

IHRC is most sickened by the Tribunal’s statement that the officer in question should be commended for his “great bravery”.

IHRC chairman, Massoud Shadjareh, stated:

“As usual, the police closed ranks but to actually commend an officer, who almost beat a defenceless man to death, is a new low, even by their standards.”

Even the Independent Police Complaints Commission, which viewed photographic and independent medical evidence, recommended that the officer be charged for misconduct for brutality.

IHRC is not surprised by the Tribunal’s decision. Institutional Islamophobia in Britain is at such a high level that Muslims are unable to obtain any justice within the system.

In the face of continued harassment and bullying, Muslims are continuously told by the authorities to be patient and to obtain justice via due process. However, this decision shows that all Muslims can expect is a slap in the face, or in Mr Ahmad’s case, a kick in the teeth, both physically and metaphorically.

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