PRESS RELEASE: Murder in Macedonia

Islamic Human Rights Commission

19th May 2004

PRESS RELEASE: Murder in Macedonia
The Nazification of European Policy Against Muslims

IHRC sees alarming parallels between the now exposed plot by officials from the former Macedonian government to frame Muslims as threatening Western interests and the Nazi plot against their political foes.

The Nazis conspired to burn down the Reichstag and blame it on the Communists as a precursor to a violent crackdown on them. The implication of the senior figures in the Macedonian government in the execution of seven Indian and Pakistani men in 2002 framed as Al-Qaeida operatives in a staged shooting smacks of the same intent.

It is now coming to light that the men were migrants chosen by plotters for their Islamic appearance and lured with promises of prosperity to Macedonia where they were killed in an attempt to show Macedonia’s support for the war on terror and to garner western support for their ongoing aggression against Albanian Muslims.

IHRC is calling on the EU and other European institutions to take effective measures to ensure that justice and transparency prevail in the investigation of this heinous crime.

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