Press Release: Recognising the Danger of Muslim Profiling

Islamic Human Rights Commission

20th May 2004

Press Release: Recognising the Danger of Muslim Profiling
The only way forward for police – community relations post 9/11

IHRC broadly welcomes the report of the Metropolitan Police Authority’s Scrutiny on the Metropolitan Police Services Stop and Search Practice.

However whilst the report acknowledges the charge of Islamophobia in police practice, and advocates Islamophobia awareness training, the report does not sufficiently deal with the dangers of Muslim profiling. The targeting of Muslims had been acknowledged as a concern, yet there is little in the way of determining that particular disproportionality.

IHRC’s report in September 2002 regarding MPS practice entitled, ‘Muslim Profiling’ highlighted these concerns using the policing of a rally earlier that year. It identified a series of negative practices used against Muslims by police officers at both the beat and policy levels.

Speaking today, IHRC Chair Massoud Shadjareh said:

“The exponential rise in stops and searches and the disproprtionality with regard to the stopping of members of BME communities is in itself a deeply disturbing finding. However this is not new and what has come to light in recent years is the operation of a new form of profiling i.e. Muslim profiling. The MPS needs to take on board the dangers of this policy and tackle it head on. It is disappointing that the report did not recommend that monitoring should reflect religious affiliation as well as race. It should be noted that Muslims come from various ethnic backgrounds, and we have no way of knowing exactly how many Muslims have been targeted -particularly under anti-terrorism laws.”

IHRC’s report, ‘Muslim Profiling’ can be downloaded in PDF format from:
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