PRESS RELEASE: Justice for Guantanamo Captives

Islamic Human Rights Commission

8th March 2004

IHRC calls for end to Camp Delta and Detainees Release

where upwards of 600 men remain incarcerated without trial or even charge.

The so-called enemy combatants have ranged over the two years from children, three of whom were released only weeks ago after almost two years in captivity to elderly men in their seventies, some of whom were released a year ago for lack of evidence against them.

Speaking from Washington, IHRC Chairman Massoud Shadjareh said:

“The predicted release of five British detainees, although welcome does not go anyway to addressing the real issues of contention – the camp itself is the greatest affront to civil liberties in our times.

“The only acceptable outcome is that the camp is closed and those detained either charged and brought before a competent court and not a military tribunal or released. It is worth noting that no properly constituted court would consider proceeding against persons detained in flagrant violation of their basic rights for over two years.

“The abuse of these rights has not and will not make any of us safer”

Shadjareh is part of the Guantanamo Human Rights Commission delegation in the US campaigning for the release of the detainees.

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