PRESS RELEASE: Rights group writes to Attorney General regarding Kilroy-Silk

Islamic Human Rights Commission

14th January 2004

PRESS RELEASE: Rights group writes to Attorney General regarding Kilroy-ilk
IHRC requests consistent assurances from Lord Goldsmith

In a letter to British Attorney-General, the Islamic Human Rights Commission has requested that Lord Goldsmith QC give assurances that in the case of broadcaster Robert Kilroy-Silk and indeed other cases where incitement to racial hatred has been evidenced, that prosecutions will be vigorously pursued.

IHRC refers to the meeting between the Board of Deputies of British Jews and Lord Goldsmith in 2002, where the Attorney General gave assurances that where evidence existed of anti-Semitic incitement, ‘prosecution should be pursued vigorously, and he would ensure that this message was passed on to the Crown Prosecution Service.’

In their letter to Lord Goldsmith, IHRC asks:

“We trust that any future assurances and communications with the CPS will address not only anti-Semitism, but anti-Arab racism, Islamophobia and any other form of xenophobia.”

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