PRESS RELEASE: Saddam trial needs international credibility

Islamic Human Rights Commission

18 December 2003

PRESS RELEASE: Saddam trial needs international credibility

A prominent London-based human rights organization today demanded Saddam Hussein account for his behaviour under international supervision.

“We are certainly not sad to see Saddam go,” said Islamic Human Rights Commission chairman, Massoud Shadjareh. “He was truly a vicious criminal and he should be investigated under international observation as in the case of Slobodan Milosevic.”

Shadjareh added that a full account of Saddam’s weapons deals and alliances must be done including those he made with the US, UK, and other western governments. It is understood the Iraqi dictator was able to stay in power during the 80s as well as maintain a ruinous war with Iran because of official western support.

“That the US alone approve the forum for trying Saddam, when that western government was responsible for so much of the pain he inflicted on his own people, is not justice,” said Shadjareh. “If the truth does not come out and the involved parties are not held accountable, there will be many more Saddams.”

“This trial should not be for show, but must make it clear to the world that oppression is not tolerated, no matter who is behind it.”

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