PRESS RELEASE: IHRC concerned regarding anti-terrorist law review findings

Islamic Human Rights Commission

18 December 2003

PRESS RELEASE: IHRC concerned regarding anti-terrorist law review findings
Neither report nor Home Office response satisfactory

The Islamic Human Rights Commission, welcomes the Anti-Terrorism Crime & Security Act 2001 Review Committee’s call on the government to scrap the powers to indefinitely detain foreign nationals. However it is deeply concerned that key issues raised during the Committee’s consultations have not been highlighted.

Amongst these IHRC notes that the way the act has been implemented evidences the operation of Muslim profiling. This in itself raises serious ethical questions regarding the operation of intelligence and security services, and the combined impact on the general perception of wider society towards Muslims.

Whilst the need for clear statistics on arrests and convictions has been recognised, IHRC fears a further backlash against Muslims as they become further demonised by the high profile arrests undertaken under anti-terrorist laws.

IHRC gave evidence to the committee regarding this and IHRC Chairman Massoud Shadjareh today stated:

“Muslims are stakeholders in this society and Islamophobia should not have nay role to play in anti-terrorism legislation and the implementation of it. If it is allowed to continue it undermines Muslims’ integral and positive contribution to society and creates alienation.”

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