PRESS RELEASE: Mauritius – Charges against Muslim poitician Cehl Meeah dropped


Islamic Human Rights Commission

30th October 2003

PRESS RELEASE: Charges against Mauritian politician Cehl M. Fakeemeah dropped

The case of Mauritian prisoner of faith Cehl M. Fakeemeah (also known as Cehl Meeah) has progressed dramatically today. All charges against him relating to the ‘Gorah Isaac’ murders have been dropped based on the unreliability of the witness against him.

Meeah remains in custody awaiting the hearing next week into the charges against him for conspiracy to assassinate Navin Ramgolam. IHRC, Meeah’s legal team and campaigners are confident that a similar outcome awaits next week.

IHRC Chairman Massoud Shadjareh said, “This is a vindication of the long campaign to free him, and we hope and pray that Meeah will be freed very soon, and exonerated of all the trumped up charges laid against him.”

Meeah was tortured when originally detained in December 2000 and subjected to various forms of ill treatment throughout his detention.

For more information on the background to this case, please read, ‘Equal in the Eyes of the Law: Police Brutality and the Abuse of Human Rights in Mauritius’ regarding police brutality cases in Mauritius, and an addendum report on the Meeah case. They can be downloaded (respectively) from:


Faisal Bodi’s article ‘Apocalypse now’ written subsequent to his return from Mauritius to observe the case can also be read at:

IHRC was responsible for organising observers to monitor Meeah’s case and eventually a legal team from the UK to represent Meeah. The legal team included Nicholas Cooke QC and barrister Osama Daneshyar.

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