URGENT ALERT: Anti-Muslim Backlash in South Africa


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27 August 1998

Muslims in South Africa have become subject to a backlash after the Planet Hollywood restaurant bombing which took place on Tuesday 25 August in Cape Town. Despite the condemnation of all Muslim groups of this act, radio stations and television programmes have openly been voicing the view that Muslims should be boycotted. Tension is high and the Muslim community is subject to increased harassment as a result.

To add more tension to the matter, a call was made to a local radio station, claiming responsibility for the bomb by a group called Muslims Against Global Oppression. However MAGO has made a written statement denying any involvement.

We are urging campaigners to write to President Nelson Mandela, and the South African Ambassador in your country asking them to take steps to stop the rise of Islamophobia in their country. In particular the point should be made that South Africa of all countries knows what the legacy of demonisation is.

Please let us know of the responses you receive. For more information contact us at ihrc@dial.pipex.com