PRESS RELEASE: Horror at desecration of Muslim body


Islamic Human Rights Commission

19th April 2003

PRESS RELEASE: Horror at desecration of Muslim body
IHRC expresses extreme concern as anti-Muslim incidents spiral out of control

The Islamic Human Rights Commission has been inundated with calls from the community asking for immediate action in the case of defiled body of a Muslim woman in Hillingdon Hospital (London, UK).

IHRC shares the horror not only of the Muslim community but society at large at the news that the body of a deceased Muslim patient was found with rashers of bacon placed on it last January. IHRC will be raising its concern at the next Muslim / Metropolitan Police consultative meeting, and will be writing to the Home Secretary.

This month IHRC received reports of the desecration of Muslim graves in Leicester.

IHRC Chairman Massoud Shadjareh stated:

“These incidents are part of the escalation of anti-Muslim attacks in recent years, particularly since 9/11. It shows the new levels of dehumanisation of Muslims in the public psyche. We are not safe from prejudice and violence even in death.

“The government’s refusal to recognise Islamophobia as a phenomenon let alone a crime is yet another indictment of its claims to be ethically motivated, and will be seen by the community as proof of the extent and level to which anti-Muslim hatred has reached.”

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