PRESS RELEASE: Mauritius – Cehl Fakeermeeah to stand trial


Islamic Human Rights Commission

PRESS RELEASE: Mauritius – Cehl Fakeermeeah to stand trial.
Fears surround the impossibility of a fair trial.

21 February 2003

On Wednesday, after great delay and procrastination, the Mauritian government has finally taken the decision to commit popular Muslim politician, Cehl Fakeermeeah, to trial on various charges. At the same hearing Fakeemeah was once again refused bail.

Cehl Fakeermeeah, a prominent opposition leader, was arrested in December 2000 on dubious allegations of involvement in the murder of three Mauritian Militant Movement members.

In May 2001, IHRC reported the torture Fakeermeeah had received whilst in detention as well as the catalogue of human rights abuses within the criminal justice system in the Republic of Mauritius. Prior to Wednesday’s hearing IHRC has received information that Cehl Fakeermeeah has been subjected to a new regime of 24-hour lock ups, the violation of lawyer confidentiality through the placing of bugging devices in Fakeermeah’s cell, the interception of private communications, intimidation of Fakeermeeah’s family during prison visits and the continued denial of basic and religious provisions.

IHRC expresses concern at government attempts to prejudice Fakeermeeah’s trial. IHRC also calls for the immediate and unconditional release of Cehl Fakeermeeah.

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To read the report ‘Equal in the Eyes of the Law: Police Brutality in the Republic of Mauritius’ by British barrister Osama Daneshyar visit:

The report can be downloaded in PDF format.
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