PRESS RELEASE: Report on Gujarat Atrocities Now Available


Islamic Human Rights Commission

22nd January 2003

PRESS RELEASE: Report on Gujarat Atrocities Now Available
Complicity of Indian Authorities in Violence Cannot be Ignored

The Islamic Human Rights Commission has released a comprehensive report on the atrocities committed against Muslims in Gujarat in February – March 2002.

The report outlines the number and nature of atrocities and includes analyses of state and local government complicity in the crimes that were originally attributed to unruly Hindu mobs acting spontaneously.

A spokesperson for IHRC said:

“Many months have now passed since the Gujarat carnage, there has been little progress either in bringing those responsible for the murders, rapes and other atrocities to account. Neither has there been serious consideration on the part of the international community, on the long term implications for human rights in India, as an overtly communalist regime pursues an increasingly bloody agenda against Indian minorities.”

IHRC acknowledges the reports and reporting of the many human rights organisations and local civil society groups who have tirelessly campaigned for justice in the aftermath of the Gujarat atrocities. Its report calls on the international community take heed of the parallels between India today and Germany in the 1930s:

“Many Hindu militant personalities have stated that the Muslims of India are to be treated as the Jews in Nazi Germany. Surely then it is time the international community rose up and took action against them as it did against the Nazis.”

‘Gujarat: Ongoing Genocide’ is available to download (without charge) in PDF format from the IHRC website at:

or to order in hard copy from the IHRC office at a cost of £4.

Gujarat: Ongoing Genocide, 69 pages, ISBN 1-903718-20-5

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