Bali Bomb Blast: Finger of Suspicion Points at the Usual (Muslim) Suspects

Islamic Human Rights Commission



15 October 2002

Bali Bomb Blast: Finger of Suspicion Points at the Usual (Muslim) Suspects

Hours after the bomb blast that ripped through the Sari nightclub in Bali on 13th October killing over 200 people, the finger of suspicion was pointed at “fanatic” Muslim groups.

The media and “experts” in “Islamic fundamentalism” claim that these people wanted to create an Islamic superstate, held a grudge at the “Western, decadent lifestyle” and were inevitably linked to Al-Qaeda.

IHRC is extremely concerned that once again, an entire civilisation is being blamed and demonised for an undoubtedly atrocious attack on a tourist populous.

The media response has been predictable and unimaginative, using the same characters, plot and finale. Once again the voices of dissent from the Muslim community on the US “war on terror” are automatically identified as those belonging to Al-Qaeda supporters.

The media has and is continuously attempting to associate all Muslim organisations with Al-Qaeda, regardless of what each group actually stands for.

IHRC Chairman Massoud Shadjareh stated:

“George Bush, as a self imposed leader of “the free world” has given the Muslim community two choices – agree with him and be deemed civilised – or be identified as a terrorist. This has unfortunately been promoted by the international mainstream media and is blatant Islamophobia.”

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