Discriminatory Policing at Rally on 6 May 2002, London, UK

Islamic Human Rights Commission


7 May 2002

Discriminatory Policing at Rally on 6 MAY 2002


The Islamic Human Rights Commission will be raising concerns with the Metropolitan Police Service regarding discriminatory policing of the counter demonstration to the pro-Israeli rally on 6 May 2002 at Trafalgar Square.

The counter demonstration was organised by the IHRC and we have received numerous complaints from attendees regarding the policing of the event. We have observed first hand the discrepancies between how both rallies were policed.

We are currently producing a report of incidents and our preliminary observations on the operation of a policy of racial profiling by the police of anyone presumed to be a Muslim. This policy breaches policies of good practice and basic civil rights.

For further information please contact the Press Officer on (+44) 20 8902 0888, (+44) 7958 60 74 75, email: info@ihrc.org, fax (+44) 20 8902 0889.


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