Islamic Human Rights Commission


Muslim civil and political rights abused further by British government

The case of Shafeeq-ur Rahman, the young Muslim cleric from Oldham, facing deportation exemplifies what can only be seen as a government programme of demonistaion and abuse against the British Muslim community.

The problems with the case against Mr. Rahman are manifold. Observing the larger context proves even more worrying. MI5 has admitted its approaches to Mr. Rahman to become an informant. How many others – clerics, so-called leaders and workers have succumbed to the pressures or temptations put on and to them by the British intelligence services?

Paranoia must now surely abound. An already disenfranchised and demonized community now knows it has been targeted through the providers of its pastoral care. Its so-called leaders from the extremes of purported liberal to radical have lost credibility by their sycophancy and / or sabre-rattling. Criticism these days appears to be for the media’s rather than the principle’s sake.

For a long time there has been a leadership vacuum in the British Muslim community. Revelations in the Shafeequr Rahman case beg the question as to whether this was due entirely to factional fighting and incompetence, or was part of designed and perpetrated by those in the employment of an intelligence service looking for a role to play in a post-Cold War, post-Irish peace process society.

As regards the particulars of the Rahman case it takes no genius or conspiracy theorists to see the hypocrisy and moral bankruptcy of the government’s line. Kashmir is recognised by the UN as an occupied territory. Those struggling for its liberation against occupying Indian forces are not defined in international circles as terrorists. Had Rahman or any one else been supporting them – something that has yet to be convincingly proved – no crime let alone threat to British national security would have been perpetrated.

Then again Rahman is a Muslim and a cleric to boot. New Labour, Old Crusade, Same Human Rights Abuses.

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