Campaign Against Hate Tide Launched

Islamic Human Rights Commission


20th September 2001
Campaign against hate tide launched

The Islamic Human Rights Commission has issued information and campaigning packages aimed at tackling the tide of anti-Muslim Islamophobia following recent events in the United States of America.

The campaign aims to:

• put pressure on the government and Parliament to take more action to deal with increased religious and hate crimes

• provide safety tips for the Muslim community particularly women and children

• encourage reporting of any incidents to the police and Muslim monitoring groups

• assist parents and teachers to address anti-Muslim discrimination and Islamophobia in schools

Despite statements from the Prime Minister and other party leaders condemning Islamophobia and any negative stereotyping of British Muslims, the widespread backlash, mostly unreported, is intensifying.

So far the IHRC and other Muslim monitoring groups have recorded more than 105 incidents (as of 20 September) including an attack using a baseball bat on a hijabd (veiled) woman to rape and verbal threat and abuse.

“British Muslims are increasingly feeling under siege. Despite a few voices of sympathy the overall media continues to be hostile and insidious. The most affected members of the community are those who are the most vulnerable. There is intense pressure on schoolchildren and mothers.

“We hope that the campaign would fight against complacency and increased practical ways in which our streets can again be safe for all members of society,” said Massoud Shadjareh.

The IHRC has set up a special team to monitor the activities of extremist anti-Muslim groups particularly the British National Party and its associates.

For more information etc. please contact the Press Office on (+44) 20 8902 0888 or 07958 60 74 75 or 07958 522 196. A pack can be mailed as an attachment in MS Word.