Seminar to Address Muslim Responses to September 11



19th October 2001

Seminar to Address Muslim Responses to September 11


Venue: Brunei Gallery, School of Oriental and African Studies

Time: 2 pm – 6 pm

Date: Sunday 21st October 2001

Islamic Human Rights Commission is organising a seminar to address the current situation of the Muslim community and its responses to the events on and after September 11, entitled ‘Human Rights, Justice & Muslims in the wake of September 11.’

The gathering of academics, clerics, politicians, lawyers and activists will look at the following issues:

  • A comparison of Islamic and international standards of justice
  • A review of proposed anti-terrorist legislation
  • The targeting and demonisation of the Muslim community and Islam, in particular women
  • The role of the media in (mis)representation of events and viewpoints
  • Ethical double standards in current military action
  • The definition of and Islamic response to terrorism
  • Reclaiming jihad as a tool to fight oppression and injustice

Confirmed speakers include: George Galloway MP; Dr. M.S. Bahmanpour (Centre for Middle Eastern Studies, Cambridge University); Fuad Nahdi (Director, Centre for Muslim Policy Research); Faisal Bodi (Freelance columnist who writes for the Guardian and editor of Ummahnews); Osama Daneshyar (barrister); Fareena Alam (News Editor, Q-News); Faiz Siddiqi (Barrister and International Muslim Organisation), Omar Williams (The Kafel Centre, Swansea).

Please confirm attendance with the Press Office on 020 8902 0888 or 07958 60 74 75. For further information please call the above numbers or 07958 522 196 or email: