PRESS RELEASE: UK – Report on ‘”Karzakan and Ma’ameer Cases, Bahrian, 2009” now available on-line


Islamic Human Rights Commission

19 November 2009

PRESS RELEASE: UK – Report on ‘”Karzakan and Ma’ameer Cases, Bahrian, 2009” now available on-line

IHRC monitored the verdict hearing of 19 young men held on 13th October 2009. The report highlights the observations and conclusions by an IHRC observer on the trial.  This report details their wrongful detention and their subsequent torture and discusses the decision to exonerate them of charges of murder.

IHRC welcomes this decision but is concerned that the widespread use of torture to obtain information is endemic in the police and security apparatus. IHRC recognizes the verdict is historic for Bahrain since it is the first time that information obtained under torture was rejected as evidence. We hope that this sets a precedent in the Bahraini Judicial system.

IHRC Chair Massoud Shadjareh states:

“IHRC calls on international organisations, the OIC, the Arab League, the GCC to address the issue of the extensive use of torture and the entrenched culture of impunity that is pervasive in the Bahraini security services.”

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The report can be downloaded online free of charge. ‘Karzakan and Ma’ameer Cases, Bahrian, 2009” ISBN 978-1-903718-66-7, 13pp.

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Notes to editors:

[1] For more information regarding the Human Rights violations in Bahrain contact  the Bahrain Youth Society for Human Rights (BYSHR) Tel: (+973) 17595134 or the Haq movement spokesperson  Abdul Jalil Singace email, [ENDS]


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