FORWARDED PRESS RELEASE: France – Debate on National Identity in France: political leaders sow disorder


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23 December 2009

FORWARDED PRESS RELEASE: France – Debate on National Identity in France: political leaders sow disorder

The Young French Muslim highlights their indignation following the words of Ms. Nadine Morano. How can one claim to contribute to the national unity when our political leaders keep on stigmatizing the French Muslim youth?

Mrs. Morano seems to be unaware that these young people she is addressing are all French citizens, like her, moreover they don’t have to receive any lecture neither about the way they dress up nor the way they speak. These remarks are unworthy of a government representative and we do hope that Ms. Morano will show that she is up to the task and step up to the mark by submitting her resignation.

Yet, it is just one more slip, of the government, and its representative, most from the UMP (Union for the Marority Party) in this debate: the national identity, and it appears clear now that it became “a défouloir” against Islam and Muslims. 

The young French Muslims deplore the fact that the debate is venturing to a dangerous field where instead of bringing people together, this debate divides and stigmatizes, when we must build bridges, this debate is setting up barriers between the different components of our society, at a time when youth and citizens of this country expect concrete answers from policy makers on economic and social challenges they face, this debate is used as a decoy.

Let those know that the magnitude of the unprecedented economic crisis and the social challenges, the solution to the crisis has been found: replace the words and the caps of young French Muslims right way up, and the development, purchasing power and employment of young people will be restarted, the housing problems will be solved and eclipsed the inequalities of our landscape !

National identity is not a theme to debate about, but has to be lived and experienced and it is through fieldwork, away from the media and political agenda pressure for instance the one led by civil society and non-profit organizations actors that things really move forward in this field.  

Young French Muslims are inviting political leaders to consider the unacceptable excesses that led to this debate and draw the necessary conclusions, and put them into action.

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Source:  Jeunes Musulmans de France Pantin Tél : 06 13 49 57 80;  e-mail


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