PRESS RELEASE: Tunisia – Key human rights issues must not be overlooked in celebration at departure of dictator


Various claims by opposition groups that the Tunisian constitution, left to its own devices will guarantee full participation of Tunisians in the political process, as well as guarantee the civil liberties that Tunisia has hitherto been without, must be examined through a critical human rights lens.  The understanding of law and political representation has changed to encompass various rights concerns including:

  • Protection of economic rights;
  • Protection of minorities;
  • Reflection of cultural, national and religious expression in the political and legal life of a state;
  • Women’s empowerment;
  • Redress for corrupt governmental and judicial processes.
  • Internal and external discussions of Tunisia post-Ben Ali must reflect these and other concerns.  
  • Chair of Islamic Human Rights Commission, Massoud Shadjareh said:

“After such bravery and sacrifice on the part of the Tunisian people, every effort must be made by those who support justice and inclusivity, to make sure the ‘Jasmine Revolution’ does not turn into another unrepresentative form of government, be it military or democratic in name.”

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