PRESS RELEASE: Egypt / Yemen – Tony Blair’s comments reactionary


Blair’s warning to the movements not to create a ‘vacuum’ wherein ‘extremism’ could be fomented are at best chauvinistic and at worst a signal that the Quartet will seek to crush the movements using the pretext of tackling ‘extremism’ and / or ‘Islamism’.  A number of Islamic movements across the region have been involved in, have led parts of or supported the recent struggles.  Most of these movements have been in long term opposition to the dictatorships imposed on the peoples of the region usually with hefty military and financial support from the US and Europe.

IHRC Chair Massoud Shadjareh stated:

“No-one is surprised by Tony Blair’s attitude.  He has made his contempt for the value of non-European lives, mainly Muslim lives, plain through the wars he has helped launch.  What is worrisome is that this may reflect a policy stance by the Quartet.  

“The USA, UK, Russia and Europe need to distance themselves from these comments immediately.”

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