PRESS RELEASE: Egypt – Mubarak must go


True enough, Barack Obama stepped in to support Mubarak after his message.  Unfortunately the similarity does not end here as the lurking violence of Mubarak’s words was converted to reality in the hours that have followed.  Obama’s insistence on ‘an orderly transition of power’ has given Mubarak the green light to continue until September at any cost.  In this atmosphere of state violence, supported by the United States, the words of President Obama ‘The people of Egypt … we hear your voices’ have a very hollow ring.

Massoud Shadjareh, the chair of IHRC, said:

“The United States must stop trying to buy time in order to manipulate the destiny of the Egyptian government at the expense of the lives, aspirations and human rights of the Egyptian people.  If Obama really hears the voices of the people then ‘Mubarak out NOW’ doesn’t leave much room for doubt as to what those voices are screaming but it seems that the word NOW has been conveniently left out of Obama’s narrative.”

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