PRESS RELEASE: Egypt – US / UK / EU need to take a stand


These statements from the Western family of governments are chillingly analogous to Mafia crime families asking ‘their’ police officer to stay in the force to ride the storm while they make other arrangements to stabilise and legitimise a difficult situation.

The chair of IHRC, Massoud Shadjareh, said:

“While Obama publically ‘prays for peace’ in Egypt, he privately wants Mubarak to stay.  This hypocritical position of many Western governments is costing the lives of Egyptian people daily.  What is even more worrying is the statement of Philip Crowley, US state department spokesmen, who has urged Mubarak to move ‘farther and faster’ with the transition.  Are we likely to see another thirty years of human rights violations by a Mubarak-like regime, to further US interests in the region?”

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