PRESS RELEASE: Syria – Ramadan Bloodshed as Army Kills Civilians Across Syria


IHRC strongly condemns the fact that the excessive force of the previous months has slipped into the month of Ramadan. It is extremely concerned that the Assad government is not doing enough to provide security and safety for its people, and that this will be exploited by outsiders with an ulterior motive in the region.

Massoud Shadjareh, the chair of IHRC, said:

“I call upon President Bashar al-Assad and his government to honour their obligation to the Syrian people to defend them against internal as well as external threats. Historically, they have defended the Syrian people from outside aggression, and continue to be at the forefront of the fight against Zionism and US intervention.”

“Unfortunately the government has shown no signs of fulfilling this obligation inwardly by allowing the violence of preceding months to spill over into Ramadan. It must guarantee that it will cease to allow the military to blatantly disregard the sanctity of human rights and the month of Ramadan. The Syrian government must not let the country become another candidate for Western intervention.”

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