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Narjis Khan is a lawyer with a passion for human rights and international law. She began writing poetry in 2015. 


Narjis Khan's latest musings on the failure to eradicate fascism and its current incarnations.FASCISM Fascism is alive and it has many...

Justice for Grenfell

Now a fire has roared that could have been prevented / A tragedy on a scale that's unprecedented

A Rotten Foundation

Futures are stolen and this is just the beginning

The message repeats, you must ‘integrate’

Take a deep breath and start resisting

Hussain – The Ark of Salvation

You were killed but in your death we came alive

Bombs over Baghdad Once Did Rain

Does more war really make us safer?

As Muslims We Are The Latest Political Toy

The politics of fear is nothing new

Dear Daesh

'The Quran tells us to beware of your kind'

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