Bombs over Baghdad Once Did Rain


We debate in our houses whether to intervene
But do we know what this actually means?
We write articles and comments and statuses galore
But how many of us truly know the horrors of war?

Bombs over Baghdad once did rain
The violence continues and still there is pain.
A pacifist I’m not, don’t get me wrong
But we’ve been making mistakes far too long.

The need to look busy so we rapidly militarise
Without meaningfully assessing is it really wise?
We would shoot now but think later
If you disagree you’ll be called a traitor.

What will we do at the end of the day?
What will we say to the refugees at Calais?
Is there a place they can call home?
Will there be peace there or us with a drone?

Does more war really make us safer?
Does more war really make Britain greater?
Fallon said our reputation is at stake
So we’ll kill civilians for reputation’s sake?

Shouldn’t we discuss how we’ve got to this crisis?
Shouldn’t we discuss who is funding Daesh?
Cut the branches but the tree will still grow
Identify the source and you can stop the flow.

As long as we address the consequence not the cause,
We’ll never see the end of these bloody wars.