A Rotten Foundation


Are you convinced now that the foundation is rotten?
If not let me remind you – in case you’ve forgotten
The declaration when made that all men are equal
Was in reality thoroughly deceitful.
Making grand claims whilst enslaving the ‘other’
Deemed inferior because of skin colour.
Don’t get it twisted, the same mentality remains
Masked by legislation but the racism pervades:
Police brutality against black communities,
Banning muslims with complete impunity.
Still, some like to believe Trump’s an anomaly
Unable to accept POTUS’ misogyny.
The truth is, there’s a deeper malaise
A structural issue, an institutional decay
Exposed now in a Trumpean era
The injustices have become that much clearer.
Yes, I’m afraid of what he might have in store
But if you’re not afraid too then I’m afraid of you more
For the triumph of evil requires good men do nothing
And if you’re not fearful I doubt you’ll be rushing
To take a stand, to show up and resist
To condemn this behaviour and insist he desist.
Or if you celebrate this madness or explain it away
How he shatters rights and dreams all in a day
Signs executive orders and before the ink dries
Families are broken, all justified by lies
Futures are stolen and this is just the beginning
That anyone could support this is utterly chilling.
But then that’s the issue, he was elected
He was the one that ‘democracy’ selected
And that’s what happens when the foundation is rotten
When history is repeatedly deliberately forgotten.