By Narjis Khan, 5th January 2020

We all claim to be on the path of the righteous,
Easy to speak words without sacrifices,
Easy to believe that if our intentions are there,
That’s enough to show that we really do care.
But when it comes to paying an actual price,
How many of us can say we devoted our life?
That we did what was needed for the sake  of humanity,
Rather than serving our misguided vanity.
From the comfort of our homes we judge each others’ deeds,
Instead of reflecting on one another’s needs.
We call ourselves Hussainis because we love the idea,
But what have we done for Hussain apart from shedding some tears?I know tears are the start but where to from there,
Did we try to make our society more equal and fair?
Did we strive to help the vulnerable, the orphans, the poor?
Did we give without taking, did we do something more
Than pay lip service to Hussain’s revolution,
Thinking that would give us full absolution.
We owe so much to those who gave their all,
On the day of judgement it is them who stand tall,
‘They are alive though you do not perceive’
Those killed in the way of Allah because they believed. 
We don’t need to be martyrs to fulfil Hussain’s mission,
But we do need to wake up and make a decision.
What will we leave in this world for those to come?
What will we leave for our daughters and sons?
Justice demands absolute commitment,
Justice demands maintaing our resistance.
May our efforts be accepted by the One above,
May our hearts remain pure inspired by His love.