Support the Boycott Israel Campaign

Make sure you are not buying from Israeli companies or those that invest in or support Israel.

ACTION ALERT: Arsenal supporting Israeli Apartheid

Protest Arsenal F.C.\'s decision to sign a sponsorship deal to promote Israel as a tourist destination.

UK UPDATE: Issuing of passports to British Muslimahs wearing hijab.

IHRC has received a number of complaints regarding the advice given by officers at the UK Passport Agency regarding the wearing of hijab in passport photographs. Several sisters were told that hijab was not acceptable.

Alert on Belmarsh conditions

Arani & Co Solicitors has requested the assistance of all the Muslims in complaining about the treatment meted out to the Muslim detainees in Belmarsh Prison, especially the High Secure Unit,

Alert: Activities of IHRC at the 7th session of the United...

------------------------------------------------- Islamic Human Rights Commission ------------------------------------------------- 3 April 2008 Alert: Activities of IHRC at the 7th session of the United Nations Human...

Forwarded alert: Israeli army using Palestinian children as human shields

The picture (can be seen at
of 13 year-old Mohammed Badwan tied to a jeep as a human shield

Alert: Nigerian security forces crackdown on Islamic Movement in Sokoto

Following the death of a popular Sunni cleric in Sokoto, Shia community is persecuted in the region at the hands of Nigerian security forces.

The 7/7 Backlash: How and Why YOu Must Report Hate Crimes

Interview with IHRC\'s Fahad Ansari and Beena Faridi regarding hate crimes and how to deal with it.

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