Forwarded Alert: Bahrain – The British Embassy in Bahrain prevents a...

Human rights activist prevented by British embassy in Bahrain from attending a human rights seminar in House of Lords in London.

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Join Sandew Hira this September @ihrc for Decolonising the Mind.

Event Alert: UK/China – Only three days left for ‘Uighurs: China...

“You have just three days to see iconic photographs of the Uighur people who are being systematically destroyed by the Chinese authorities.”

Alert: UK – Precautionary advice for Muslims

IHRC reissues safety advice and information on reporting hate attacks

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Updates on what has been happening in the past week and upcoming events.

URGENT EVENT ALERT: IHRC is informing supporters of two events taking...

Two recommended lectures taking place tonight entitled 'Gaza Holocaust: A Travesty of Democracy, Justice, & Human Rights' and 'Islamic Thought in 18th Century China.'

Action Alert: Saudi Arabia – Demand the release of reformist Dr....

Doctor imprisoned and severely tortured for promoting free speech and accountability throughout Saudi civil society.

2019 Ramadan Prisoner Packs

Support Muslim women in prison this Ramadan.

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