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In this 'What's New' an alert requesting your nominations for the 2008 Islamophobia awards.

Alert: Send your nominations for the Islamophobia Awards 2008

IHRC welcomes your nominations for our annual Islamophobia Awards. Please choose a nominee for any or each of five geographical categories.

Alert: Morocco – Dozens of Islamic schools shut down

Following statements made by a religious leader in Morocco, authorities have ordered the closure of dozens of religious schools in the country.

URGENT ALERT UPDATE: UK – Amended Lloyds TSB contact in relation...

Campaigners writing to Lloyds TSB regarding the current Interpal case should be advised of an important change of contacts.

URGENT FORWARDED ALERT: UK – Message and request from INTERPAL

Urgent message from Interpal concerning Lloyds TSB ordering the Islamic Bank of Britain to cease all dealing with Interpal.

Forwarded Alert: Bahrain – THE OBSERVATORY: Slandering campaign

Media campaign against prominent human rights activists in Bahrain.

Update Alert: Libya – More refugees removed from detention for resettlement

More good news - some detained refugees removed from Misratah detention centre for resettlement elsewhere.

Campaign Update: Prisoners of Faith (USA) – Imam Jamil Al-Amin: Imam...

Imam Jamil sends message to the ummah in a reply to an IHRC Eid card. Also, a fact sheet with updated information on Imam Jamil's case is now available online.

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