Alert Update: UK/Palestine – Visit blog for 24/7 Gaza vigil outside...

IHRC will begin a round the clock vigil outside the London Israeli embassy expressing solidarity with the besieged Gazans. A regularly updated blog is available here:

UK/Palestine – Israel intends to attack the free Gaza boat

It has been leaked that Israel intends to attack the Free Gaza Boat today - please urgently take actions.

URGENT ALERT UPDATE: UK/Palestine – 24/7 Gaza vigil outside Israeli embassy

There is an urgent need for supporters to attend ANY PART of 24 hour Gaza solidarity vigil.

URGENT EVENT ALERT: UK/Palestine – Demonstrate this Sunday against Zionists at...

IHRC is asking supporters to join an anti-Zionist counter-demonstration assembling at the Canada House to express outrage over Israeli war-crimes.

What’s new at

This edition of 'What's new' highlights the current Gazan crisis.

URGENT ALERT: Palestine – Write to U.N. General Assembly President urging...

In light of the current Israeli bombardment of Gaza and humanitarian crises, IHRC calls on campaigners to write to the U.N. General Assembly President, urging for the creation of an Israeli war crimes tribunal.

URGENT ALERT: Palestine – Boycott Zionism: In protest of Israel’s bloody...

Boycott Zionist companies and products to show allegiance to the cause of the helpless victims of Gaza.

URGENT ALERT: UK – IHRC requests that any individuals affected by...

IHRC requests any individual affected by or who witnessed these clashes during demonstrations to contact us with their experience.

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