Nigeria Digest #118

Followers of El-Zakzaky #FlyTheFlag of Palestine

Nigeria Digest #117

El-Zakzaky's legal team asks court to quash charges against him

ALERT: India – Stop state-sanctioned violence against Muslims

IHRC calls upon all campaigners outside India to write to their Member of Parliament, asking them to urge your government to demand...

ALERT: Nigeria – Demand authorities release Sheikh Zakzaky and Muallima Zeenah

IHRC's Free Zakzaky campaign asks campaigners to continue demanding that the Nigerian authorities release Sheikh El-Zakzaky, Muallima Zeenah and all those detained during and...

Nigeria Digest #116

Free sanitizers distributed by Zakzaky campaigners

ALERT: Kashmir – Demand OHCHR take action for Kashmir against Covid-19

IHRC is deeply concerned regarding the coronavirus situation in Kashmir with fears of disastrous consequences given the recent cases of infection.

Alert: Rohingya – Demand Bangladesh safeguard camps against Covid-19

IHRC are deeply concerned that a potential corona outbreak can cause fatal consequences in Cox’s Bazaar, Bangladesh. Home to over a million Rohingyan refugees, Cox’s Bazaar is the world’s largest refugee camp and fears are arising that the overcrowding can exacerbate a coronavirus outbreak.

Nigeria Digest #115

Outrage Over denial of amnesty for Zakzakys amid Covid-19 crisis

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