Guantanamo remains a blot on the human conscience

11 January marks the anniversary of the confinement of the first detainees at the notorious Guantanamo Bay detention facility in the...

French Hijab Ban: Protest letter to Jacques Chirac

Updated campaign letter to Jacques Chirac regarding the ban on religious symbols in schools.

Free Zakzaky Campaign

Find all the action alerts, information and resources you need on this page for the FreeZakzaky campaign.

Prisoner of Faith Pack: Sami Muhyideen Al Hajj

Sami Muhyideen was captured for the US on the Pakistan-Afghanistan border in December 2001.


Since the bombings in London in July 2005 the police have succeeded in conducting widespread investigations using the vast range of powers already available to them.

Letter to Mayor of London regarding his Al Quds Day stance

Your intervention was effectively a political one in favour of pro-Israel groups

Prisoner of Faith Campaign Pack: Sami Muhyideen Al Hajj – Al...

According to a medical report written by a team of British and American psychiatrists Sami Al Hajj is close to death.


Finden Sie bitte Details unten des neuen Projektes die Islamische Menschenrechte-Kommission (IHRC) wird an und Details dessen arbeiten, wie diejenigen, die interessiert sind, teilnehmen kِnnen.

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