The Struggle for Palestine

IHRC has compiled a Microsoft Power Point presentation for activists to download and use as an awareness raising tool.

Prisoners of Faith: Sheikh Abdulkareem Obaid and Mustafa Dirani, prisoners of...

Further details on the two Lebanese national kidnapped by the Israeli Defence Force and held incommunicado for 13 and 8 years respectively.

Prisoners Faith: Nureddin Sirin, Mehmet Ali Tekin and Tamar Aslan,...

Updated details on the cases of Muslim activists in Turkey, including the recent Selam-Tevhid trials.

Prisoners of Faith: New Campaigns 2002

Details of case and country-wide campaigns including Saudi Arabia, China, Sudan, \'Israel\' and Palestine, Uzbekistan and Iraq.

Prisoner of Faith: Sheikh Omar Abdel Rahman, USA

More details on how to campaign for the Sheikh imprisoned under laws not used since the American civil war.

Prisoner of Faith: Imam Jamil Al-Amin, USA

Imam Jamil, the well-known and outspoker cleric was sentenced to life imprisonment without the chance of parole this year despiteserious flaws in his trial and the evidence against him.

Prisoner of Faith: Sheikh Ali Ben Hadj, Algeria

Details on the FIS leader\'s detention.

Campaign letter against war on Iraq

A campaign letter to British Prime Minister Tony Blair MP urging him not to go to war against Iraq. The letter can be...

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